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Welcome to the Wood County TX Republican Party.  We need your support in electing the best individuals to represent our conservative values from the Court House to the White House. 
Republican Party Main Number --  903-763-4671 (GOP1)

    Office - Triple G Mini Storage, 1122 E. Goode St., Quitman
County Chairman -- Janie Walenta - 903-967-7580
                                                                    214-821-2331 (cell)   
Vice-Chairman - - Karl Falster - 903-629-3034
Precinct Chairs       1-1 Billie Henderson - 903-638-1402
                               1-2 Sara Phillips - 903-474-9797
                               1-3 Mary Meister - 903-765-3014
                               1-4 Ronnie Galyean - 903-768-2345
                               2-1 Lou Steele - 903-569-3859
                               2-2 Glen Thurman - 903-569-9810
                               2-3 Scott McDonald- 903-218-1838
                               3-1 Michael Ross - 903-316-3993
                               3-2 Sven Sterner - 903-769-0962
                               3-3 Ken West 903-769 5451
                               4-1 Vacant
                               4-2 Vacant
                               4-3 Diane Jones - 903-629-3009
                               4-4 Terrell AronSpeer - 903-967-7660

 Up Coming Meetings:

Holly Lake/Hawkins Republican Club
    Holly Hall, Holly Lake Ranch,
    Monday, April 14 at 6:30 p.m.
    Program:  State Rep Bryan Hughes;
       Importance of the 2014 Election and
       Electoral College       

                                               Republican Women of Wood County   
                                                   Texas Tea Room, Quitman 
                                                    Monday, April 21 at 11:30 a.m.
                                                    Program:  State Sen Kevin Eltife                                                                                                                                               Lake Country Republican Club
                                                   Quitman Public Library,  
                                                   Tuesday, April 22 at 6:00 p.m.
                                                    Program:  Run-off Candidates
                                                      Forum with Ag Comm. Candidate
                                                      Sid Miller and other Campaign's

Holly Lake/Hawkins Republican Club - www.hollylakeranch.com
Republican Women of Wood County - republicanwomenofwoodcounty.com
Wood County Court House, Quitman - www.mywoodcounty.com
   Election News  -  2014 Texas Republican Primary            
    May 19-23  -  Early Voting at Wood County Courthouse

    May 27  -  Primary Run-off; Races & Ballot Order:

    Lt. Governor                          Attorney General
         Dan Patrick                           Dan Branch
         David Dewhurst                    Ken Paxton

    Ag Commissioner                   Railroad Commissioner
         Sid Miller                               Ryan Sitton
         Tommy Merritt                       Wayne Christian                       
   June 5-7  - Texas Republican State Convention, Fort Worth

Congratulations to the Re-elected Wood County Officials:

Jim Wheeler                                     District Attorney
Bryan Jeanes                                    County Judge
Jenica Turner                                    District Clerk
Kelley Price                                       County Clerk
Becky Burford                                    County Treasurer
Jerry Gaskill                                       County Commissioner Pct 2
Wes Criddle                                       JP Pct 2
Cindy Weems                                     JP Pct 4

Congratulations to the Newly-elected Wood County Officials:

Russell Acker                                     County Commissioner Pct 4
Tony Gilbreath                                   JP Pct 1
Jerry Parker                                       JP Pct 3

The following Precinct Chairs were elected to serve on the Executive
Committee of the Wood County Republican Party effective June 16:

Billie Henderson                                 Pct 1-1
Sara Phillips                                       Pct 1-2
Mary Meister                                       Pct 1-3
Ronnie Galyean                                  Pct 1-4
Andrea Sudderth                                 Pct 2-1
Scott McDonald                                   Pct 2-3
Michael Ross                                       Pct 3-1
Sven Sterner                                       Pct 3-2
Ken West                                             Pct 3-3
Deborah Butts                                      Pct 4-2
Diane Jones                                         Pct 4-3
Terrell AronSpeer                                Pct 4-4

Hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website.
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